Enjoy the freedom of the mountains carefree

Admittedly, it is a unique experience to enjoy a sunrise in the freedom of the mountains. But many underestimate the risk of altitude sickness. Because mountain air is different. At natural altitude, the air pressure decreases with each meter of altitude, and with it the oxygen available to our bodies. At an altitude of 5000 m, the available oxygen is only about 11%. This is almost half of what we have in the lowlands (20.9%). Already from 2500 m above sea level the efficiency is reduced and according to studies already 10% suffer from mild forms of altitude sickness at this altitude. From 5000 m above sea level, it is already more than 90%!

lack of oxygen

With our Alpinbalance altitude training, specially designed for mountain and trekking tours, you can prepare yourself optimally for the lack of oxygen already at home and thus reduce the risk of becoming altitude sick. This is very important because the altitude profiles of many trekking and mountain tours exceed the 500 meters/day recommended by altitude doctors. Studies that we conducted together with the University of Heidelberg showed the advantages of pre-acclimatization in the run-up to the tour. A longer stay in one of our high-altitude tents has proven to be the optimal preparation. That is why many reputable tour operators recommend our concept for more joy on the mountain. Because “You always have to go steeply uphill in life, that simply keeps you young – and makes you happy. “(Quote: Anderl Heckmair

  • Gradual accustoming of the organism to the conditions on the mountain

  • Avoiding the dangerous mountain sickness

  • Easy and time-efficient acclimatization at home

  • Can be used regardless of age and fitness level

Preparing from home

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