We do not leave you hanging

In the second half of 2022 we will again offer face-to-face seminars for both interested parties and our customers.

Irrespective of this, we offer every customer numerous opportunities after the purchase to familiarize themselves quickly, efficiently and practically with the topic of IHHT training and therapy. Your steps to the successful implementation of our concept:

1. delivery and setup

We deliver our systems personally and show you how to operate your airPoint. Afterwards, thanks to our remoteAccess technology in the weCare program, they can discuss the practical experience they have gained with one of our experts and receive practical coaching.

2. weCare – our 4-week online support

The carefree care package, online: “As if we were standing next to you”. Formats: Phone, WhatsApp, Skype, TeamViewer (depending on needs and task). Quota: 60 minutes per week “pit stop” online with one of our experts. Flexible retrieval: The consulting contingent can be flexibly retrieved in 15-minute units. Content: Tips & tricks for handling, evaluating and discussing the IHHT measurement curves from customer sessions, … Put simply: Everything that arises in questions about the treatment in the first few weeks. Hotline: 12-hour hotline with callback guarantee. Duration: 4 weeks, 60 min/week

3. Zoom Sprechstunde – Online Sprechstunde mit Experten

In the 45-minute zoom meeting with one of our hypoxia experts, up to 5 customers can ask their questions on individual topics, which are then discussed in the group. learning with others.

4. basic and special seminars

Metabolic activation and mitochondrial regeneration with the latest methods of interval high altitude training (IHT, IHHT).

The influence of mitochondrial dysfunction on the development of various diseases such as CFS, MS, etc. is the focus of recent scientific research. This is exactly where the height balance concept comes in. This involves controlled breathing of oxygen-reduced air alternating with ambient air (IHT) or oxygen-rich air (IHHT), so that energy production by the mitochondria is stimulated. Studies show success both in prevention and in the treatment of COPD, CHD, hypertension, diabetes2, etc. During the workshops, you will learn how the latest findings on mitochondrial cell regeneration in combination with modern diagnostic methods can be implemented in your practice in a scientifically sound and economically successful manner.


  • Basics: Introduction hypoxia and altitude medicine

  • Fields of application: Hypertension, stress, CFS, diabetes, metabolic disorders – Theory / practice: interval altitude air treatment.

  • Theory/Practice: HRV measurement

  • Theory/Practice: Metabolic measurement

  • Case studies: IHT, IHHT, HRV

  • Best Practice: Interpretation of curves and measurement results

  • Patient dialogue: Tips for understandable patient communication – Marketing: Tips and examples for effective practice marketing.

  • Questions, discussion, exchange of experiences


From November 18-20, 2022, our 2nd Hypoxia Symposium will take place in Tyrol. We will present the topic of hypoxia training in all its facets, both in theory and in practice. Top speakers from a wide range of disciplines, experienced practical users and marketing experts will give you new insights and ideas for the successful implementation of the height balance concept.

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