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Imagine being able to offer your clients an even better training experience with minimal staff and space. A unique training experience that guarantees fast and lasting results? Unser Trainingskonzept setzt da an, wo Zellenergie entsteht, nämlich in den Mitochondrien. Das Zelltraining kann dabei Einsteigern helfen, schnellere Erfolge im Bereich Abnehmen zu erzielen oder auch als sanfter Einstieg für ältere Menschen ins Training fungieren. Of course, our altitude training appeals to their ambitious members as well as sports clubs from almost all major fields (cycling, running, soccer, handball, etc.). Outdoor enthusiasts can also use our system to conveniently prepare for their next trekking tour. Position your facility, with one of the most innovative and successful training concepts, as a pioneer in your region.

Why altitude training helps to lose weight

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Don’t worry, if you think this is too complex for your club, we can put your mind at ease. Because IHHT training is completely controlled by the airPoint, it can also be implemented safely and easily in the fitness area. Of course, we offer you training and development concepts, so that our Höhenbalance training is profitable and successfully implemented from the beginning. Our airRoom system offers them an absolutely unique selling point, enabling them to stand out from discounters and achieve higher premiums by selling additional services.


  • fully controlled rooms thanks to the IRC system
  • Training without a mask
  • Conversion of existing rooms
  • Prefabricated room systems for 2, 4 or 6 persons
  • Design, installation and support from a single source
  • Numerous references from science and professional sports

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airPoint professional

  • fully automated IHHT system
  • Adjustment range 9% – 90% O2 with 100 l/min fresh mountain air
  • pre-installed and freely adjustable programs
  • With RemoteAccesTechnology you can connect to the customer at any time
  • Design desk available in many colors and materials
  • WeCare support from day one

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