Cell regeneration 3.0

Like any engine that runs at full speed for a long time, our cells wear out over time and the cellular metabolism in our cellular powerhouses, the mitochondria, slows down and progressively deteriorates. The first signs are tiredness, exhaustion, lack of drive, loss of performance and increasingly poor sleep with no recovery. Chronic diseases can be the result. There is no regeneration and this permanently restricts your freedom to do exactly what you want to do.

The latest studies show that the cause of many diseases is a lack of efficient mitochondria. This is exactly where our Healthbalance concept comes in. Breathing oxygen-depleted air alternately with ambient air (IHT) and/or oxygen-enriched air (IHHT) causes properly functioning mitochondria to swell and divide. At the same time, the slack cell power plants are transported out of the cell faster, so that the energy potential of your cells increases with every breath. Our vascular system also reacts to the stimulus of the mountain air in such a way that the oxygen transport and utilization are optimized. What we already know from Thomas Mann’s novel, “The Magic Mountain”:

Breathing high-altitude air increases lung capacity and optimizes gas exchange to tissues.

Studies show success in the following clinical pictures:
Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, COPD, obesity, heart failure, after a heart attack and in the case of age-related performance losses.


Many of our therapists report success with Long Covid, CFS, MS, Parkinson’s and many other ailments and conditions.

With our airPoint@home IHHT systems, you and your family can easily and safely carry out IHHT training, just like at the doctor’s or therapist’s.

It’s the first IHHT system for the home with all the features you’ve only seen in therapists. We have reduced the operation to the essentials, the design is configurable. You can now enjoy the unique height balance training easily and conveniently at home without restrictions.

With every breath, your cells become fitter and your energy level rises to a higher level.

Why is altitude training used in therapy?

Take a look our film about it!

airBoost – Our affordable IHHT system

  • Manual IHHT training system
  • Adjustment range 9% – 50% O2 with 100 l/min fresh mountain air
  • Compact, portable and quiet
  • Incl. Delivery, accessories and training plans
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airPoint@home – Professional IHHT system for the home

  • fully automated IHHT training – like with a therapist
  • Adjustment range 9% – 50% O2 with 100 l/min fresh mountain air
  • Pre-installed, study-proven programs
  • Design desk available in many colors and materials
  • Incl. Supervision by experts
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