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Cell training for your customers

Our airPoint systems are in well-known hotels and wellness facilities. They are characterized by small space requirements and easy handling. Thanks to our flexible production technology, we can implement individual wishes and thus adapt them to any desired style/look. The final production of our airPoint systems takes place here in Tyrol, so we can guarantee you the highest quality at reasonable prices.

When will the first effects appear?

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Space & staff saving

With a space requirement of less than 2 square meters, you can offer your customers a unique and sustainable health training. First successes can be guaranteed with only 3-4 treatments. The good thing about it – our system monitors and controls your customer during the treatment, so that you can successfully implement our concept economically with little personnel effort. Our online support also allows new employees to be trained and supervised easily and efficiently so that nothing stands in the way of their success.


  • fully controlled rooms thanks to the IRC system
  • Training without a mask
  • Conversion of existing rooms
  • Prefabricated room systems for 2, 4 or 6 persons
  • Design, installation and support from a single source
  • Numerous references from science and professional sports

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airPoint Jenny

airPoint professional

  • fully automated IHHT system
  • Adjustment range 9% – 90% O2 with 100 l/min fresh mountain air
  • pre-installed and freely adjustable programs
  • With RemoteAccesTechnology you can connect to the customer at any time
  • Design desk available in many colors and materials
  • WeCare support from day one

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