More power – faster regeneration

One of the secrets of successful professional athletes is to achieve an optimal balance between training and recovery. Of course, the top athletes have a wide variety of options at their disposal for this. An important component is altitude training, especially for endurance athletes. However, not every ambitious athlete can carry out this time-consuming and costly form of training. Our top athletes mainly use the sleep high – train low method with our hypoxia training systems to take advantage of altitude training in such a way that training intensities and volumes do not have to be reduced. For ambitious endurance athletes, the targeted use of our performance concept can lead to an increase in maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max) by up to 10%.

There is good news for everyone who can no longer or does not want to increase their training volume because family and job are also important: Studies by the University of Halle show that the training volume can be reduced by more than 20% compared to “normal ” training. With our hypoxia training concepts, our cell power plants and the associated oxygen supply of our organism are significantly optimized and the performance is thus increased.

See how Hawaiian winner Anne Haug uses our technology

Our solutions for your goals

Our IHHT systems can continuously simulate heights of up to 6500 m (corresponds to 9% O2) or enrich the breathing air with oxygen up to 50%. In connection with our high-altitude tent and the sports masks, you can implement any hypoxia training concept at home. Of course, we also provide you with practice-tested training plans, so that nothing stands in the way of your personal success.

  • Increased oxygen uptake
    Studies show that after just 12 units of hypoxia, the maximum oxygen uptake increases by an average of 6%.

  • Increased fat metabolism
    The lack of oxygen accelerates oxidative processes in the body and stimulates the metabolism.

  • Faster regeneration
    Experienced athletes confirm: The improved ability to regenerate through hypoxia training is clearly noticeable.

  • Noticeable training effects
    After just a few units of hypoxia, the heart rate drops with the same load.

  • Improved training efficiency
    With 20% less training effort, the same increase in performance is achieved as with “normal” training.

airBoost – Our affordable IHHT system

  • Manual IHHT training system
  • Adjustment range 9% – 50% O2 with 100 l/min fresh mountain air
  • Compact, portable and quiet
  • Incl. Delivery, accessories and training plans
  • Further information

airPoint@home – Professional IHHT system for the home

  • fully automated IHHT training – like with a therapist
  • Adjustment range 9% – 50% O2 with 100 l/min fresh mountain air
  • Pre-installed, study-proven programs
  • Design desk available in many colors and materials
  • Incl. Supervision by experts
  • Further information