Physio & Rehab

Get fit faster

If you are looking for an effective method to help your patients and clients regain their freedom of movement in a fast, joint-friendly and effective way, then you should take a closer look at the height balance concept.

With our scientifically based and proven IHHT training programs, they offer their patients a challenging cardio workout with minimal joint stress, promoting faster and better rehabilitation.

What types of altitude training are there?

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The patients they deserve

Wouldn’t that be a reason why patients will choose their facility in the future or why they will get more patients for whom effective and time-saving rehabilitation is important? Our rehabBalance concept can be successfully implemented in the following areas:

  • cardiological

  • neurological

  • oncological

  • psychiatric

  • pulmonary

  • orthopedic

As early as 2008, we equipped the first outpatient rehabilitation practices with our airRoom systems and developed treatment concepts. It is important to us that you receive the optimal system for your area of application with the best possible support at a fair price. This is the only way they can successfully implement the treatment concept economically.


  • fully controlled rooms thanks to the IRC system
  • Training without a mask
  • Conversion of existing rooms
  • Prefabricated room systems for 2, 4 or 6 persons
  • Design, installation and support from a single source
  • Numerous references from science and professional sports

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airPoint medical

  • fully automated IHHT system with approval as medical device
  • Setting range 9% – 90% O2
  • Integrated HRV measurement
  • Connection to the patient at all times with RemoteAccessTechnology
  • WeCare support from day one

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