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Cell power for at home

Are you used to taking things into your own hands, want to stay healthy in the long term, tackle the first symptoms of illness quickly and effectively, or significantly increase your performance? Founder and company owner Harry Mutschler explains why they also benefit from the height balance concept.

Nobel Prize for your health

Research into the diverse reactions of our cells to targeted altitude training, i.e. hypoxia training, received the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2019. Researchers found what also proves the above-average health and fitness of people who live permanently above 1800 meters of altitude:

Above all, our cell power plants and the associated oxygen supply to our organism are significantly optimized and performance is strengthened.

Company founder and owner Harry Mutschler explains why you should use the IHHT training at home

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Just take a deep breath

Do you feel stressed, burned out and sleep poorly? Our altitude balance concept quickly brings your vegetative nervous system back into balance and you recover while you sleep.

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Cell Optimization 3.0

Have you decided to do more for your health in the future or to tackle the first chronic complaints effectively? Find out here how to get your cells moving again.

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Train like the pros

If you want to legally increase your performance without increasing the training effort or speeding up your regeneration, then learn the secret of numerous professional athletes here.

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Nobel prize for her health

Is your health already affected, but you want to get the problem under control in a natural way? The 2019 Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded for research into how our organism reacts to a lack of oxygen. Studies show positive effects on: high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes 2, COPD and many other chronic diseases.

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Calory/Weight Management

Metabolic activation at the highest level

You want to optimize your weight without losing muscle and boost your metabolism sustainably? Adapted from top-class sport, targeted weight reduction is also possible with high-altitude training. We developed our special weight loss programme: Calorybalance together with leading universities. Gentle weight loss without JO-Jo effect.

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Trekking without a headache

Is it your dream to experience the sunrise on a 4000m or even on an even higher mountain? Here you can find out how to reach the highest peaks safely and without altitude sickness.

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