Just take a deep breath

Do you feel that you can no longer act prudently and rationally in stressful situations, both privately and in business? Sometimes everything is too much for them or their problems literally rob them of the sleep that is so important?

In the long term, low stress resistance leads to high blood pressure, depression and, in the worst case, heart disease. Our so-called autonomic nervous system has a decisive influence on our mood and stress tolerance. Here especially the two big nerves sympathetic (activities) and parasympathetic (rest). These have a direct influence on our heart rhythm via the sinus node. If these are permanently out of balance, this can lead to the problems mentioned above. By measuring heart rate variability (HRV), you can determine the functionality of the autonomic nervous system and make changes visible. However, it is not suitable for controlling hypoxia training.

Who benefits

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With our stress balance concept, your body learns to activate the parasympathetic nervous system in a pleasant and relaxed way through breathing and targeted stimulation, so that the vegetative system is slowly able to react adequately to stimuli again. In addition, breathing oxygen-reduced air increases microcirculation and thus optimizes the O2 supply in the tissue.

In combination with our hypoxia systems, you can carry out our stress balance programs comfortably and time-efficiently at home, thereby training your autonomic nervous system and finding peace again. Your family, friends and business partners will thank you!

  • Improvement of stress resistance

  • improvement in HRV

  • Activation of the parasympathetic nervous system

  • Improved O2 supply

  • Better and deeper sleep

airBoost – Our affordable IHHT system

  • Manual IHHT training system
  • Adjustment range 9% – 50% O2 with 100 l/min fresh mountain air
  • Compact, portable and quiet
  • Incl. Delivery, accessories and training plans
  • Further information

airPoint@home – Professional IHHT system for the home

  • fully automated IHHT training – like with a therapist
  • Adjustment range 9% – 50% O2 with 100 l/min fresh mountain air
  • Pre-installed, study-proven programs
  • Design desk available in many colors and materials
  • Incl. Supervision by experts
  • Further information