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We are the only provider worldwide to offer stand-alone solutions for private customers, certified medical technology systems for doctors, clinics and therapists, and fully controlled and managed high-altitude rooms for research, rehabilitation and sports.

In product development, we work together with engineers and software developers who develop and manufacture systems for large medical technology companies (Ritter, Medicap, Chart, Sportmed, etc.). Long-standing supplier relationships and lean structures help us to be able to offer high-quality, safe and innovative products at fair prices . With us you get: the highest quality at fair prices.

Air separation technology

We have set ourselves the goal of using the best technology for your requirements. Depending on the area of application, these differ in the way in which the oxygen-reduced air is obtained. All systems are based on the principle of generating normobaric hypoxia. This means that the oxygen content is changed here without changing the air pressure and that no oxygen bottles are required for the enrichment of O2, for example. Each procedure has advantages and disadvantages. However, it is important to us that none of the technologies used are harmful to health.

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airPoint and airBoost

We use the so-called PSA (pressure swing absorption) process for all systems in which the customer/patient inhales the air via a breathing mask directly through the system. Air is compressed by a compressor and blown through a molecular sieve under pressure. This sieve contains zeolites, a naturally degradable material or activated carbon. Almost all major manufacturers of O2 concentrators and IHT systems use zeolite as a natural O2 binding material in their concentrators and in large systems that supply oxygen to hospitals. This process has numerous advantages over membrane systems:

  • High purity of the oxygen obtained (up to 95% possible)

  • Almost maintenance free

  • Often quieter than membrane systems

  • The enriched oxygen is odorless

  • The air is also cleaned of CO2 and noble gases via the molecular sieve

  • Natural material (no plastic)

There are no studies or investigations that show that aluminum or other metals get into the breathing air when using zeolite, since the filters are completely encapsulated. Before the air flows into the mask, a HEPA filter is used, which filters out 99.99% of the particles/viruses/bacteria in the intake air. Many manufacturers do not use this.

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For our room systems we use membranes, because here we need larger amounts of oxygen-reduced air and this is not inhaled directly through a mask, because the membranes are often made of artificial PVC. Membrane systems can usually only produce a maximum oxygen concentration of 40%, which is why they are not used in the medical field for O2 therapy. Our membrane systems are produced by an absolute specialist supplier. Membrane systems can be found in numerous universities, research institutes and clinics around the world that place the highest value on quality. The membrane systems can be used for altitude chambers, altitude lounges and larger hypoxia rooms.

The residual oxygen content can be adjusted on the membrane. A residual oxygen content of 10% is normally used. In order to enable different oxygen concentrations in the hypoxia room, after reaching the predetermined target value, the O2 concentration of the air flowing through the membrane is increased to 13-16% residual oxygen with the help of mixed outside air (approx. 2000m to 4000m)

  • Suitable for active altitude training

  • Air separation through different air pressure ratios

  • Various oxygen concentrations possible

  • Permanent O2 and CO2 control and regulation

  • No air pressure change

  • Always available no nitrogen or O2 tank required

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Functionality of the height balance membrane systems

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